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Becoming an Elevated Member is asking for a commitment - one that we hope will ultimately save you hours of unnecessary scrolling, swiping, dating, and messaging.  And if you do decide to keep scrolling, we hope that we can help you get clear about what your are looking for, and who you are willing to invest your precious time in.

We believe that spending one on one time connecting with our clients helps us to really understand who they are and what they are looking for in a partner.  Ultimately, we are hoping that an introduction will be one more like setting up one friend with another because we believe there is the potential for a really special connection if they are to meet.  

Our one-on-one sessions will include discussions on past relationships, finances, blended families, pre-relationship coaching, and image consulting.  We recognize that every client will have different needs and our goal is to meet them wherever they are and to walk beside them on their journey, while making a few introductions (and reflections) along the way.

matchmaking love after divorce dating over 40

If you aren’t ready for the commitment outlined above, but you’d like us to keep you in mind as a potential match for our Elevated Members, fill out the form below to apply to join our base membership.

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