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Potential Client Consult

Do you have questions about our process, packages, or are you interested in becoming a client? Start with a no-obligation consult with Sue to see if we are a good fit for you (and vice-versa!). We will answer any questions that you have about UpDate and any of our services.


Explore Matchmaking with Andrea

When you walk with Andrea, the only guarantee is the loop you'll walk. And sometimes even that changes. She enters every conversation witha blank canvas, ready for whatever questions arise or topics pop up. Andrea asks the questions you didn't know needed to be asked and intuitively knows when you need a nudge, a shove or a brick to the head to get you out of the trenches and back into living. You will have Andrea's undivided attention to explore anything and everything related to love, dating and all the awkward stuff in-between.


Elevate your dating with Meredith

Explore the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are impacting your ability to live your best life. Meredith will ask you the tough questions and help you dig deep to recognize your patterns and set achievable goals for how you want to show up in your next relationship. Are you ready to make lasting change? Meredith will guide you, keep you accountable and support you along your matchmaking journey.


Style session and closet intervention with Meredith 

Ready to look and feel your best? Unsure where your closet needs some purging, upgrading and perhaps a splash of personality? Which items are worth investing in so that you can best match on the outside

how you feel on the inside? Invite Meredith into your closet for a thoughtful and objective look at the clothing (and feelings!) you have been holding onto. With kindness and conversation, she will work with

you to put your best foot forward. Let’s explore what your goals are for your next relationship, and what actionable tasks you can take that could make a difference on your journey.

$400/two hours

Pattern shaker session with Domingo 

Do you find yourself disconnected from your true self and unsure how to reflect it to the world? Meet Domingo. He delves deep, offering gentle guidance to help you realize your full image potential.

As your cheerleader, Domingo has devised an efficient system for your journey. Among the key steps, discovering your unique style is pivotal in harnessing fashion as a means of self-expression. This process involves asking though-provoking questions to pinpoint, spotlight, and if necessary, break the mold to boost your confidence.

Fashion is a constantly evolving art form. Embrace Domingo’s transformative process to not only remain current but to rewrite the rules of style and truly embody your authentic self.

$600/three hours

Profile Photo Update (includes professional photographer and pre-shoot styling)

We specialize in crafting the perfect first impression for your online dating journey. In the digital world, a striking profile photo is your introduction, and we're here to make it exceptional. Our expert

photographer and skilled stylists work seamlessly to capture your unique essence, ensuring your personality shines through every shot. With attention to detail and a focus on showcasing your authenticity, we create images that resonate with potential matches. Let us enhance your online presence with a tailored profile photo session, allowing you to put your best foot forward and attract meaningful connections. Your journey to finding love starts with a captivating image, and we're here

to make it unforgettable.


Dating App Support

At UpDate we understand the complexities of the modern dating landscape. Navigating online dating platforms can be overwhelming, and that's where we come in. Our experienced team is dedicated to

providing personalized guidance and support to help you succeed in the world of digital dating. From profile creation, including the perfect first impression photo for your online dating journey, to messaging strategies, we offer expert advice and proven techniques to optimize your online presence and attract compatible matches. Let us be your dating ally, empowering you to navigate this exciting journey with

confidence and ease. Together, we'll enhance your online dating experience and increase your chances of finding genuine and lasting connections. We’ve also been known to set up first dates (who needs

that stress?).

$1000 first month, $200 every additional month

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