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Membership for Men

Membership for Men

Welcome to UpDate, your ultimate destination for men seeking meaningful connections and lasting love. In our fast-paced world, we recognize the importance of your time and the desire to find a partner who truly complements your life.

Our approach begins with rigorous vetting of potential matches, ensuring they meet our high standards and align with your preferences. We prioritize compatibility allowing you to invest your time in genuine, promising connections. Our meticulous vetting process not only saves you time but also guarantees high-quality candidates.

Our professional matchmaking fees are currently $2,500 for a six month contract.  We understand the investment you're making in your pursuit of love, and we're committed to delivering a rewarding experience. Our dedicated team at UpDate is here to support you throughout your journey.

For additional services beyond matchmaking, we provide an À la carte menu to suit your unique needs. This tailored approach allows you to experience exceptional matchmaking while maintaining the flexibility to choose and add on services as desired.

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